Why we love natural stone basins

Natural stone basins have a timeless quality that adds character to any bathroom or kitchen space. There are so many benefits of featuring this intriguing feature in your next interior design or home project. Read on to find out more.

Quality is key

Natural hand wash stone basins are made from the finest quality Turkish travertine and marble around. There’s no better material when it comes to resilience and authenticity. You are guaranteed to have a product that is solid, durable and very easy to maintain.

Whether you’re looking for a honed or polished finish, there is very little maintenance required. Make sure that honed marble has a sealed finish to avoid stains. You should also be careful when utilising a polished marble surface, as the glossy reflection is slightly more prone to scratching.


There are so many different types of natural stone available, and each cut emanates a different look. If you have a minimalist interior, you might opt for a white marble basin with minimal veining, or a neutral beige or grey tone with a soft and almost dreamy pattern. On the other hand, those seeking a very modern bathroom and kitchen area might be interested in bolder looking stone basins. Strong and heavy veining can look very dramatic on dark, almost black marble. On the contrary, a white marble basin with purple veining is also considered to be quite striking.

When it comes to shapes and sizes, natural stone basins have no boundaries (to a certain extent!) The design you go for is a very personal choice and will have an effect on the overall bathroom or kitchen design more than you might think. Sharp squares and rectangles tend to reflect the traditional look, whereas soft circular shapes are often considered to be a modern take on the stone basin design. Either way, the overall finish and colours you choose will ultimately determine whether or not the basin is replicating the traditional style or attempting a modern twist.

The beauty of natural stone basins is that no cut is ever the same, so you’re guaranteed to have a truly unique and authentic product no matter what design you choose.

Modern updates

As mentioned, the circular basin shapes tend to be seen as the more modern choice. But the simple, organic shapes of the basins give each and every design some true authenticity.

Opting for a honed finish gives off a slightly more worn look than the bright and shiny polished alternative. The slightly worn down looking marble is often seen in trendy bars and hip clothing shops today, so it’s a good option for those trying to keep on trend this year.

A honed finish will also be easier to maintain as the sanded surfaces have better scratch resistance. Any natural stone basin will add a touch of elegance to the room thanks to its timeless quality and ancient associations. But there are also many ways to give your natural stone basin a modern look.

Mixing textures is one of the biggest interior design trends in 2018, and a natural stone basin is the perfect opportunity to try it out! The luxurious marble basin gets a trendy update when juxtaposed with wooden or brass elements. Instead of the traditional silver taps, consider opting for brassy handles to add contrast to the room. Alternatively, a wooden benchtop or platform will really accentuate the stunning organic qualities of the natural stone basin, while staying in trend with the mixing of textiles and materials.

Don’t forget to purchase some funky looking indoor plants for your bathroom or kitchen. The living plants will reflect the natural qualities of the organic stone basin, thus creating a subtle theme in the room. Plus, any indoor plant will bring out the best features in the rest of the room.

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