Why Clean Your Vent?

In Ottawa, more than 70% of the domestic fire outbreakshave been attributed to dryers.Some dryer owners in Ottawa have neglected the lint and allowed it to build up for a long time, not knowing it could trigger an unexpected disaster. The dryer lint is highly flammable and should be paid close attention if avoiding fires in the home.Regular cleaning of the lint build up will reduce the risk of fire outbreak to a great extent. Dryer vent cleaning is very beneficial, and apart from preventing fire accidents it has helped in areas such as:

Preventing toxic gases: Toxic gases such as carbon monoxide have been associated with homes whose dryers vent have been blocked.

Saves your Money: Cleaning the dryer’s vent improves your dyer’s efficiency as well as saves the amount of energy your dryer uses. This happens because clothes dry in a shorter period reducing your energy cost.

The dryer’s lifespan: A clogged vent means that the dryer has to work longer and harder to gets clothes dry. This leads to a gradual breakdown in other parts of the machine causing it to wear off within a short time of usage.

Prohibits Animal Nesting: With a block dryer vent, you experience difficulty in closing your duct hood flap. If left open, little creatures will seize the opportunity and perhaps make a new home for themselves there.

Cleaning the vent

Prevent fire hazards and clean the dryer vent yourself. Here are some steps to help you clean the dryer vent safely.

  1. Depending on your source of power supply, electricity or gas, start with disconnecting the power supply. Make sure your gas valve is off, or you have unplugged your dryer’s cable.
  2. The duct and the vent hood pipe that is passed outside through the wall should be disconnected. Turn the dryer such that you would have access to the cable tie, then loosen the cable tie after which you take off the dryer’s exhaust. This is also done at the other end to disconnect the vent hood pipe.
  3. With a vacuum hose, clean the vent and the vent hood. The vent hood should be vacuumed from outside the house.
  4. The lint which is the primary cause of fire outbreaks often gathers in perforated portions of the duct. From time to time, check the duct for openings or dents, of punctures and kinks. If you find them present, then it’s time to replace the dent. You will only need to get the measurement of the length and diameter to replace it. The duct is also due for replacement if it is doesn’t tighten properly. You may use a lint alarm for notifications on when to clean it up. Cleaning of the dryer’s exhaust is very important.
  5. Inspect the clamps and vent hood pipe also for tightness and replace where necessary.

When the air in the vent flows freely without any obstructions or bends, the dryer works better. Make it a lifestyle to clean your dryers Vent, always!

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