Why Aluminium Bifold Doors Are a Good Idea

Bi-fold doors are as popular as ever with homeowners seeking to introduce more light and bring a feeling of the outside to their home. But how will you know if aluminium is the right materials for you?

Bi-fold doors are a terrific way to overflow an interior space with day light and are increasingly sought-after by homeowners. Available, aluminium and timber options, it could be difficult to learn which material is most effective to assembling your project. Aluminium bi-fold doorways are a few of the most popular on the marketplace and have lots of benefits that are worth taking into consideration.

Aluminium bifold doors took the house improvement industry by surprise within the last 10 years, and continue being one of the most popular selections for the back of the house instead of veranda or French doorways. As this kind of door is still superior and developed, more options have grown to be available that are thermally effective, attractive and affordable.

Bifold doorways are a versatile choice, allowing homeowners to help make the many of the bonds between their house and outdoor space. Composed of multiple door ‘leaves’, bifolds can take up a huge selection of starting sizes – typically anything from 2-8. These leaves flip to one aspect in a concertina movement, revealing the entire width of the starting, something which may be used to great visual and practical impact.

The entranceway leaves themselves each contains an ordinary glazed panel set into a robust frame. If they are opened up, you get a virtually continuous view of your deck, garden, beyond, or balcony and veranda. It’s easy to understand why bifold doorways are so popular. However, they have a tendency to get ignored through the darker, colder a few months. Yes, they’re ideal for checking your home on warm summer months days and making a smooth changeover from kitchen to garden during celebrations or BBQs, however they don’t stop being useful after the weather changes in Fall and Winter either.


Bi-fold doors are seemingly associated with the modern design so if you’re thinking about adding a contemporary-style extension to your house, then it might be really worth considering aluminium bi-fold doorways. Aluminium options can be found with slim sightlines to make a clean, unobtrusive and modern cosmetic and also enable maximum apparent cup to flood the within space with day light.


Aluminium bi flip doorways can be specified to open up inwards or outwards or even to slide still left or right, so depending on the needs you have you can specify a choice to best work for you. Most can be made to fit apertures up to 6m wide.

Some aluminium doors come in black, white or grey as standard, they can be purchased in over 200 RAL colors to make sure you can specify the bi-fold doors to match the entire design of your house. Dual colors are also available, offering one color on the exterior profile and another on the inner profile to guarantee the doors match your interior decoration structure as well as the surface design of your house.


Not merely are aluminium bi-fold doorways easy to use, also, they are available in low threshold options. Low thresholds help create a smooth transition between inside and outdoor areas, but are also useful in homes where availability is paramount as they avoid the consumer from needing to step more than a threshold when moving between your interior and outdoor areas. That is also a good quality to consider if you are developing a home forever.


As well to be strong and durable, aluminium is also 100% recyclable so that it is especially ideal for homes where sustainability and energy efficiency is key.

With regards to the cup, the toughened cup is often installed as standard, with self-cleaning, solar control or laminated versions also available.


Aluminium bi-fold doorways are made to be practically maintenance-free. An intermittent clean with a wet towel and lubrication of the hinges and lock is often all that’s needed is.

All aluminium bi-fold door pictured is built in with optional essential blinds.

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