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You and your family love your new pools. You cannot wait to develop new games, teach new swings, and make new remembrances. In addition, of course, you thoroughly appreciate cooling off within water during the hottest summer season.

However, you are not the only ones who appreciate a good swimming in your blue haven pools.

Mosquitos, backswimmers, and water boatmen live for water. Many more insects, such as bees, robots, and wasps, may try to go in for a drink now and again, and they might not always come out.

  1. Effectively Balance Your Pool Chemicals

Most insects choose water, both for drinking and for reproduction. Nasty flying bugs will not lay their egg in properly treated water, and other insects will not pause for more than a few seconds over undrinkable water. Furthermore, balanced substances prevent plankton from flourishing, cutting out a potential food source for pests.

If you do not know how to correctly maintain your pool’s chemistry, consult your pools installer for information.

  1. Protect Your Pool When Not in Use

Your pools cover does more than keep out your kids when you do not have time to manage their can swim. When used correctly, blue haven pools cover reduces heating costs, cuts water loss and water loss, and prevent insects and other pests from coming a dip.

  1. Remove Status Water on Your Property

Standing water attracts a number of pests, from pests to mosquitoes to bugs. Although you are blue haven pools represents a great amount of standing water, your residence could have other messes, pools, and holes that bring the insects and rats or rodents to your lawn.

Blue Haven Pools

Thoroughly examine your residence for anything that could hold water. Wheelbarrows, removed flower containers, old tire swings, and poorly cleared segments of your lawn could make the perfect environment for mosquitos to lay their egg. Remove these items and consult a lawn specialist about drainage to ensure your residence remains insect 100 % free.

  1. Cut Plant and Shrubs near Your Pool

Trees and bushes near your blue haven pools offer a number of benefits. They can shade your lawn on particularly hot days, make a striking centerpiece on your residence, and reduce break down on your lawn from the splattering and depleting.

To reduce unexpected drop-ins, regularly trim your trees consider low divisions. If you can, choose trees with minimal leaf fall, such as magnolia, mom, or olive, and avoid trees that shed huge leaves such as oak or elm.

  1. Place Bug-Repellent Plant in Your Garden

Your surrounding lawn and lawn can act as your primary defense against pests and infiltrating insects. With the right plants, you can get rid of unwanted insects that would otherwise mess up your pools.

Herbs such as tulsi and rose effectively get rid of goes, moths, and fleas. Lemon thyme and mint also work well as insect resilient, and they will easily adapt to containers you can maneuver around your pools.

If you like ornamental flowers, look into chrysanthemums, which get rid of pests and bugs, or marigolds, which keep mosquitoes and aphids at bay.

Not sure what to plant in your area? Discuss to a local lawn specialist about the best insect-repellent plants for your lawn.

Enjoy a Pest-Free Swim

With the above tips, you can keep annoying insects and animals away from your pools. However, keep in mind that some pests may require professional help to get rid of, and some extreme attack cases may lead to pools damage. Do not hesitate to call in an insect management expert and your pools technician to restore your pools to swimming shape

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