How To Protect Your Home From Burglary

  1. Invest in a good alarm system

Alarms systems allow you to protect your home from burglary in two ways. The first is by discouraging burglars from targeting your home. When casing a potential house, thieves usually look out for signs of presence of an alarm system. It could be a visible siren, connecting wires or the actual alarm box. In most cases, they tend to avoid such homes as the risk of getting caught is incredibly high. Alarm systems will also help by facilitating apprehension of the burglar in action. This is the case especially with well hidden wireless silent alarms.

  1. Take advantage of neighborhood surveillance programs

Another very effective way to protect your home from burglary is by getting involved in neighborhood watch programs. The effect of community participation in prevention of burglary is grossly underrated. However, the simple efforts of neighbors united might just be as effective, if not more effective than, ordinary security systems. If there is such a group in your community, make sure to sign up. That way, you get help protecting your home as you lend a hand in protecting your neighbor’s property as well.

  1. Lock your doors

No matter how safe your neighborhood seems, you should always lock your doors. This applies whether or not you are home. Leaving doors unlocked makes the burglars job a lot easier when they are trying to gain entry into your home. In addition to locking the doors, make sure to activate the alarms in order to ensure effective service in your favor.

  1. Invest in high quality locks

Locks are the number one line of defense when it comes to prevention of burglary. It is not enough to simply lock your door. You also need to lock it with high quality locks. These days, there all sorts of designs to choose from ranging from single cylinder deadbolts to high tech biometric locks. It might cost a little extra to get these locks but it goes without saying that it is a worthy investment

  1. Get cameras for additional surveillance

Another highly effective way to protect your home from burglary is through surveillance cameras. As with the alarms, these usually help by discouraging targeting of your home. They also come in handy in the event that you were victim to a successful burglary. In this case, the footage may be used to identify and apprehend the culprits.

  1. Invest in high quality and strong glass for windows and doors

Other than locks, glass doors and windows are the other most common entry points. Most burglars do not even bother with lock picking. They just go straight to breaking windows by either squeezing themselves in or opening the door from the inside. With this in mind, it is important to secure glass windows and doors in your home. One way to do this is through strong shatter-proof glass which is very difficult to break. You may also choose to invest in shatter alarms when trying to protect your home from burglary. These are triggered by the sound of breaking glass or by any other form of disturbance on window and door glass.

  1. Window bars

For windows that are difficult to replace or secure with alarms, the best thing to do is to invest in window bars. These prevent burglars from being able to squeeze themselves in through these otherwise vulnerable points.

  1. Regular maintenance and upkeep

This applies if you as the homeowner plan on being away for a very long time. This simple step will ensure that your absence is not so noticeable making you less of a target to burglars casing the neighborhood. Visit:

  1. Advertise your security

In this case, things like visible camera systems, sirens on the roof and security company stickers on your door should do the trick. These show the burglar that you mean business as far as your home’s security is concerned. This makes it less likely for them to target your home for their next hit.

  1. Secure pet doors

Most people do not realize this but doggy doors are security vulnerability. It is possible for a small and flexible individual to squeeze themselves through a large enough pet door. In this case, the best thing to do is to invest in pet door locking systems. These are usually special sensors that only allow opening of the flap when a special signal from the dog’s collar is received.

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