Edge To Edge Printing Vs Framed Canvas Prints

Canvas Design is one of the UK’s original canvas printing companies specialising in making custom Canvas Prints at an affordable price. Canvas printing is the best way to give your home a modern feel and at the same time it is the best solution to make the artwork personal to you.

About our Canvas Printing

Naturally, the majority of photos that are captured on our cameras will be cherished for a lifetime.  With the technology we have available today, options to print photos onto various media including canvas ensure our memories of those unforgettable occasions last for a lifetime.

With the rise of the internet and web technology, there are numerous companies offering canvas prints at very cheap prices. The saying goes that you get what you pay for. There are lots of factors that affect the quality of your canvas prints. These range from how well your photo is reproduced on to canvas to how well the parcel is packaged and does it arrive damaged or not. Other factors worth considering are the quality of the frames, is the canvas made of 100% cotton and what is the lifespan on the inks used to print the canvas.

At CanvasDesign we believe we have perfected all of these aspects of the production process and can proudly offer you high quality canvas prints without compromise. We firmly believe that our canvas prints will exceed all your expectations and we have many happy returning customers who enjoy their canvas prints and wall art.

Our range of canvas print sizes go from 6″ all the way up to 40″ and our frame depth is 38mm. All these options and more are easily accessible through our virtual ordering system which can even show your canvas print on a living room wall prior to ordering. Ordering your canvas prints has never been easier. Try it today. It’s Fun!

Our Couriers – Delivering your canvas prints to the Hour

Our couriers will keep you up to date at every step of the delivery process. It goes like this.

  • On the night your canvas is picked up, you will receive a text and email confirming collection.
  • On the morning of Delivery you will receive a text and email with a 1 hour delivery slot.
  • If you need to change the delivery, respond to the text or email and it will be changed automatically.
  • ALL Prices Reduced
  • Delivery on all Parcels £5.99
  • ALL Parcels Delivered – 48hours***
  • ALL Frames – 100% Pine
  • ALL Canvas – 100% Cotton
  • FREE Hanging Kit
  • FREE Living Room Simulation
  • FREE Red eye removal
  • FREE Gallery wrapping
  • FREE Advice on Images
  • FREE Image enhancement
  • FREE B & W Conversion
  • FREE Sepia Tone Conversion

Edge To Edge Printing Vs Framed Canvas Prints

When you are ordering your canvas prints or your canvas art you may come across a usual dilemma whether you should go for edge to edge canvas printing or whether you should opt for framed canvas prints. Here are few points for your consideration that will help you make the right choice.

We have known framed pictures and framed photos for several decades now. Though there is nothing new about framed pictures, there is always something cosy about them. Picture frames helps you blend the picture with the background. When you use picture frames, you just need to worry about the right selection of the frames to ensure that it matches with the background and you need not have to worry about the colours in your canvas prints. However going for picture frames will add on to the cost of the canvas prints and the cost would vary depending on the size of the pictures.

On the other hand, printing canvas edge to edge will give your pictures more contemporary feel. Your picture will also run into the mounting frame creating a nice continuum. Here however, you need to choose your photos carefully so that the colours blend well with the background wall colour. The cost of this type of canvas prints will be relatively cheaper.

The choice is totally yours, you can go for contemporary looking edge to edge printing or for traditional framed pictures. If you choose to go with framed pictures make sure that your canvas printing company offers you enough choices for the frames and that the quality of the frames is good. Poor quality picture frames will damage the canvas prints within a short time. Order your canvas prints from a reliable company to ensure good quality printing and mounting. Your canvas printing company should make use of the best quality canvas printing supplies.

You will be able to order your canvas prints online and before you place your orders, you should check the online galleries to sample both framed pictures and canvas prints without frames to see what is more appealing to you. It is also important to order your canvas prints from an experienced company so that they will send your orders in safe packing. Only an experienced company will know how to pack framed pictures and photos without frame for safe delivery.

As you will be ordering your canvas prints not too frequently it is best to go with the type you like even if you have to spend some more money. If you like getting framed pictures then you should not compromise just because you will have to pay a little extra. Reworking on a canvas print to mount it on a frame will cost you more money when you get it done from your local store. So it is best to order something that you like to avoid making later changes that will only increase your expenses. We have both framed pictures as well as edge to edge printing.

Order Your Canvas Prints Well In Advance To Avoid Holiday Rush

As canvas prints make a simple and wonderful holiday gift, many people these days choose finest quality canvas prints as gifts to their loved ones. Canvas prints are also one of the cheapest gifts as long as you order them from the right stores.

When you order your canvas prints or wall art from an online canvas printing store, they will take a few days to have your canvas prints ready. Added to that, you should also give time for shipping delivery. While ordering your canvas prints give yourself enough time for all these and order them in good time so that your loved ones can get your gifts at the right time. When you are ordering your canvas prints during the holiday season, you should also be mindful of the holiday rush. All the popular online canvas prints stores get more orders during this season with the increasing number of people that order canvas prints as their Christmas gift or holiday gift.

You must choose a company that is well staffed to handle the hike in the number of orders. If you end up with an unreliable store, then they may disappoint you very badly by failing to send you your gifts at the right time. This will make you less popular among your family members putting you to embarrassment. On the one hand, you must order your canvas prints as early as possible by planning well and on the other hand, you must also choose the right online store to place your order.

Only when these two factors are carefully taken care you will be able to have a good shopping experience. If your canvas prints store should fail you at the last moment, then it will ruin your mood and in turn ruining your holiday. You may have ordered a special canvas print for someone very special to you in life and if the ordered gift does not arrive on time, you will certainly feel miserable. So it is your responsibility to plan well and also choose your online store prudently. Search for references online to see whether your canvas prints store enjoys very good reputation and whether they deliver the products on time. This will save you from a lot of trouble and anxiety. Otherwise, you will be anxious until the gifts you ordered arrive. Choose companies with good reputation in the industry. Another important factor to remember is the quality of the canvas prints. Sometimes, when canvas prints stores experience high volume sales, they may slack on the quality of their canvas prints because they are unable to manage the high volume orders efficiently. You must also take this factor into consideration because there is no use getting a poor quality canvas print delivered even if it arrives on time. You cannot possibly give a poor quality canvas print as gift to your loved ones.

Start choosing your photos for canvas prints and place your orders as early as possible before the holiday rush.

The art canvas prints can give your photographs a magical touch whether it be your marriage photographs or wedding snaps! It will enhance the hidden gems in the photograph and lend it a magnificent effect. Prints on canvas also ensures better care and longevity for your photographs.

Canvas Design offer exciting ideas to enhance the beauty of your photographs. The website www.canvasDesign.co.uk provides complete information about the company.

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