Broken Garage Door Opener Repair Services

The most frequent garage door opener repairs are fixed by the realignment of the photo eyes and/or the replacement of warn gears and sprockets found within the garage door opener. Other maintenance may include replacing the garage door opener’s electric motor, circuit planks, limit switches, drive belts, drive trains, more and trolleys. Some openers simply need modifications made to the existing components and require no additional parts.

Garage door Opener Maintenance on All Makes and Models

Did you recently discover your garage door opener is not functioning properly? Pick up your telephone to routine service today with your local, friendly, and professional garage door specialists. Whether you’re having issues with your commercial or residential garage door opener, our experienced staff will quickly get the garage door opener operating efficiently once again.

Our highly skilled and trained technicians service a wide range of broken garage door opener brands, including Overhead Door, Genie, Wayne Dalton, Lift Professional, Chamberlain, and so many more.

The next time you confront a damaged garage door opener, use to find your neighborhood garage door opener repair company. Our experienced garage door experts will completely examine the problem, get rid of the cause, and also have your garage door opener working once more quickly and effectively.

Garage Door Opener Safety

It’s important to always test the basic safety reversing systems to make sure your openers are basic safety compliant. Failure to take action may place the garage door users and the ones local in peril. Read our garage door tips, and follow these three simple actions below to make certain your garage door opener is safe:

1. Near the bottom level of each aspect of your garage door, check to verify properly installed photo eyes (black sensors), mounted no higher than 6 ins off the floor. If your operator does not have picture eyes, your should have your garage door opener replaced with a new model which offers this standard feature.

2. Use an object to block the picture attention, and press the Garage Door Opener’s close button. The door should not close.

3. Lay an object that is at least 1.5 inches higher on the ground (a wooden 2 by 4 works great) in the door’s path, and press the close button. The door should reverse off this object.

Upgrade your old garage door or replace a noisy, outdated garage door opener to improve the style and performance of your home. We carry an considerable line of dependable and affordable products, and will gladly come meet with you at your home to show you all we have to offer. By developing a relationship with your local experts, you can rest assured that an experienced and trustworthy company will have your back 24/7. Call us today to schedule your garage door sales appointment.

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