A short Guide on why should you choose Window Shutter over Blinds and Curtains

Today the market is flooded with tons of home decor ideas, especially when it comes to choosing a window covering. Due to a wide range of windows coverings, it can become difficult for people to pick from curtains, blinds or shutters. Each three of these window shutters hold a significant value of their own. However, if you are looking for a permanent solution, then you should pick window shutters.

In this article, we will thoroughly discuss the main difference of each of the window coverings. After that, we will further elaborate why shutters are best for everyone.


The one thing that makes the blinds stand apart from the crowd is that these offer many variations to choose from. Therefore, you can get whatever you want and you can get them in pairs. During its manufacture process, the thick fabric is used that gives users the intended privacy. However, not every blind is thick enough. As a result, you may experience little to no privacy.

The biggest deal breaker is that it a bit cost effective, which is why many people drop the idea of blinds. Not to the mention the cost that is spent on its maintenance with the passage of time.


The best thing about a curtain is that these are available in all the different sizes. Along with that, you can choose from tons of fabric as well as different colors. This is the reason why many people love to decorate their houses with lovely curtains. However, there are few negative points as well.

Firstly, the fabric has a thin lining, therefore, these are unable to block all of the sunlight. Hence, you can expect that some items of your home might fade due to the UV light coming in. Another reason is that the fabric is quite expensive. Like blinds, you also have to maintain it from time to time.


With shutters, you don’t have to worry about privacy or security at all. The main reason is that the thick slats make it hard for anyone to see through it. In addition to that, no sunrays can enter your home if you close your slats completely. This makes sure that your house is also able to maintain its temperature. This is the reason why it doesn’t just save energy but it is also not a burden on your pocket. It will also protect all your furniture in your home from UV light.

Furthermore, you can also keep all the nasty dust outside that might not be good for your respiratory health, not to mention your mental health having to dust all day!

What Else?

  • No need to reinstall – Shutters have a very long lifespan.
  • Ideal light control – You are in charge of how much light enters your home
  • Thermal insulation – It will keep the cool out in winter, or keep your home cool in warmer climates.
  • Sound reduction – The extra layer of protection mean that you will have a lot less noise coming in from the outside.

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A Final Word

Keeping in mind the pros of every kind of window treatment, it is evident that a window shutter is what you need. Not only it is cost-effective, but will also give your home an instant upgrade. However, you need advise from experienced installers to make sure you get the right shutters for you, so don’t hesitate to contact Shutters in Spain for a free consultation!

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