5 Warning Signs of Untrustworthy Car Key Locksmiths in San Antonio


When you need car keys in San Antonio, you want to find a reliable locksmith to do the work. There’s several things you need to keep in mind before you hire a San Antonio car key locksmith to complete any lock work that you have. here’s some signs of an untrustworthy locksmith.

Poor Quality Website

One of the first signs is that the San Antonio car key locksmith has a poor-quality website or no website at all. If the locksmith can’t manage to maintain a website, this means that they may be an unreliable person and not worth working with. A good locksmith will have a fully functional website that explains all they have to offer you. If there’s a lack of information on their site, you should avoid the San Antonio car key locksmith and go with someone else.

No Company Information

Reliable San Antonio car key locksmiths work for a company. Ask for a business card and get to know the locksmith before you hire them. Word of mouth is always good when you want to hire a locksmith. If you have friends that have used a locksmith before, ask who they recommend and why. You want tot work with companies that are well-known within the industry and have a lot of experience to back up claims that they have.

Low Quotes

If the quotes are too low, this could be a warning sign that the San Antonio car key locksmith is unreliable.  You want to save money, but the locksmith should be charging reasonable, competitive rates if they are a legitimate and a reliable company that you want to work for. Avoid any locksmith that gives you a low, low price. Ask them to give you written quotes and get them to explain all charges you’ll be facing when the work is complete.

Drilling a Lock

No San Antonio car key locksmith will drill a lock unless this is ab absolute must. A reliable San Antonio car key locksmith  can pick most locks without any need for drilling. Drilling may ruin your lock, so you don’t want to work with poor San Antonio car key locksmith that aren’t able to pick a lock to open it for you. Most locks can be opened by picking and a drill isn’t necessary unless the circumstance is extreme. If they want to drill, get a comprehensive reason why and then ask if there’s any alternatives. If necessary, get a second opinion from another San Antonio car key locksmith before the lock is drilled.

No Company Car

Don’t work with any San Antonio car key locksmith that doesn’t come in a company car. The name of the company should be on the vehicle and they should present you with a business card, phone number and other important business information. Never work with any San Antonio car key locksmith that just shows up and doesn’t seem to be a legitimate business as you could get scammed by them.


These are some tips to keep in mind when working with a San Antonio car key locksmith. Youwant to work with companies thatare reliable so look for a well-developed website and one that gives you reasonable quotes. Don’t work with San Antonio car key locksmith that can’t pick a lock and insist on drilling it.


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